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Required for Mods.

Dennis and I just agreed that all the Mods need to post the survey with their answers in an entry, because it's only fair.

Frank, you can just copy paste.

Here I go

Name: Natalie
Age: 14
Where did you first learn about buttsex: School
How do you feel about buttsex: I think it's creative
Would you or have you ever had buttsex: YES LOLZ
why or why not: BECAUSE LOLZ
If you have, how does it feel? Was it... shitty? OMG LOLOLOLOLZ: OMG LOLZ.
Is buttsex mother approved: Duh yes
Do you think your mother has ever had Buttsex: Maybe
If so was it with someone other then her Husband: Nahhhh
Do you have evidence: Nope
Do you want evidence: Maybe later
If your Mother confided in you that she wanted buttsex and she wanted it on film, would you be so kind as to be the direction of the action flick: Nahhhhhhh..... icky
If you were grounded would you rather the punishment be Buttsex with your Mother or with Shrek: I would say Shrek as long as we're talking about the Disney character...
Would you rather have buttsex or regular sex... or both at the same time: Both duh fagz0r.
Have you ever fingered your own asshole: Use your imagination. Ew. No. No.
What other interests similar to buttsex do you have: Eating Diarrhea
Would you consider buttsex a hobby, or a loving experience: Both at the same time :)
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