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We want Buttsex and We want it NOW.

mmmm buttsex

buttsex jct
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Buttsex is not a joke. We here at buttsex0rz take buttsex very very seriously. Please do not post useless entries that do not relate to buttsex. The moderators WILL be scanning through entries, and if we find a post that is not about buttsex, we will delete it.

You may post any of the following:
questions about buttsex
oppinions about buttsex
comments about buttsex
general thoughts on buttsex
buttsex experiences
buttsex polls
buttsex quizes
buttsex pictures(if and ONLY if they are behind an lj cut.)
Any terminology of buttsex you may know.
Any special techniques used during buttsex.
Tips for newbs at buttsex.
How shitting the next morning is after buttsex.


To Join:
Please comment answering the following questions.

Where did you first learn about buttsex:
How do you feel about buttsex:
Would you or have you ever had buttsex:
why or why not:
If you have, how does it feel? Was it... shitty? OMG LOLOLOLOLZ:
Is buttsex mother approved:
Do you think your mother has ever had Buttsex:
If so was it with someone other then her Husband:
Do you have evidence:
Do you want evidence:
If your Mother confided in you that she wanted buttsex and she wanted it on film, would you be so kind as to be the direction of the action flick:
If you were grounded would you rather the punishment be Buttsex with your Mother or with Shrek:
Would you rather have buttsex or regular sex... or both at the same time:
Have you ever fingered your own asshole:
What other interests similar to buttsex do you have:
Would you consider buttsex a hobby, or a loving experience:

More questions to follow possibly as time goes on.

On a final note, if you are having buttsex, make sure that you are safe about it. No one likes anal warts.

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