Dennis (zipxavier) wrote in buttsex0rz,

Name: Dennis Pugliese
Age: 17
Where did you first learn about buttsex: School...some faggots must've mentioned it
How do you feel about buttsex: It's hot and pleasurable
Would you or have you ever had buttsex: Can't say I have...but oh yea, I'd love to
why or why not: Cause it's riding the Hershey Highway...why wouldn't you want to...
If you have, how does it feel? Was it... shitty? OMG LOLOLOLOLZ: Didn't...but I'm sure it would be wet
Is buttsex mother approved: S&M is why not buttsex
Do you think your mother has ever had Buttsex: Probably
If so was it with someone other then her Husband: I dunno...don't think she was like that...wanted her buttsex centralized in one canal
Do you have evidence: Nope...but I could ask...
Do you want evidence: Yes, I really really need to know
If your Mother confided in you that she wanted buttsex and she wanted it on film, would you be so kind as to be the direction of the action flick: Of course...I'd even give some tips as to how to make it better
If you were grounded would you rather the punishment be Buttsex with your Mother or with Shrek: Shrek is far I don't know if I'd have much choice...
Would you rather have buttsex or regular sex... or both at the same time: Both!
Have you ever fingered your own asshole: Nah...I like buttsex better than fingers...
What other interests similar to buttsex do you have: Shitting in my mouth
Would you consider buttsex a hobby, or a loving experience: Both...defintely both.
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March 13 2004, 15:15:57 UTC 14 years ago

ummmm.... you are not as cool as your sister