emma (broken_peices) wrote in buttsex0rz,

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*cries* im the only on in here who isnt mod-ing the place. *cries again* oh well.probably i dont have a paid account and there is no way in hell i'm getting one cause me and my cheap jew ways arent about to pay for something that is free. yup. *does gangster nod*

so yeah, nothing new in the buttsex life..so sorry people..but wait, there's a dance coming up at my school, and dancing is much more like buttsex then dancing..yupyup. and hey..at the last dance i was TOTALLY buttsex-ing it with kevin. yupyup. and heyhey, if you turn around while dancing..its like regular sex! woohoo! the corruption of today's youth! stupid rap music..they make us shake our asses all over the place.

blame the buttsex obsession on rap. its their fault.

listen to the lizard in Dr. dolittle..he was right..smart lizard he was.
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